Would you like to own a property in New York?

Imversed.World is a virtual world everyone can see in augmented and virtual reality (XR), buy and sell properties, make income, and invest.

Welcome to Imversed.World - The Future XR Metaverse!

We are a decentralized organization building the open Metaverse focused on XR-lands so everyone can create never-before-seen geo-attached performances.

Let your Metaverse XR-journey begins now

1,000,000+ users around the globe!

Our team has previously developed top-notch apps, and we tend to always go up in the rankings. We've been rated 4.7 on average and attracted over a million users - plus, our latest app has done amazingly well so far!







AR is the Next Big Thing

We are creating the first XR-land focused decentralized autonomous organization for our users to collaborate and transact in an innovative way that was impossible before.

Own and Build Your XR Landmarks

The increasing viability of augmented reality and virtual reality (AR+VR=XR) has made the Metaverse more appealing than ever. To support the best experience of a fully immersive Metaverse, we are making all our lands geo-attached and ready for virtual reality and augmented/mixed reality headsets.

Invest and Make Money in XR World

A distinct virtual economy will be created to enable individuals to get new social experiences, replete with virtual professions that bring genuine value. Imagine people will work (and earn money) with just a headset.

Join the Like-minded Community

Imversed.World is a community-owned decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) focused on crafting a new user experience that helps travel seamlessly between digital and physical worlds. In this new environment, anyone can thrive and grow their dreams.





Explore Imversed Metaverse in AR. Mobile app is comming soon...
Available in Google Play


When does XR-land minting begin?

We plan to open minting to community members in December/January (WL minting date/public minting date). Meanwhile, we plan to share time-to-time the secret links for the minting room in our Discord community.

Who can mint a XR-land?

Every Imversed.World community member will be able to mint a land in our open Metaverse.

Why should I participate?

We believe that community unlocks powers that a single person can never obtain. Because diversity leads to tons of different perspectives, a topic might be discussed way more broadly, which leads to a great outcome for the members. This is a great opportunity for you to become a part of the conversation, influence the future, and govern a platform.

What much does it cost?

Up to five tiers of land will be available with Imversed.World! The price will depend on the size of the land and location.

How can I get whitelisted?

Everyone can participate in the whitelist to have a chance to win land, NFT, or other prizes. Join Discord Community for more tips & tricks!

Why did you make Imversed.World?

Countless reasons motivate the creation of an open Metaverse - some of them are: making our environment better by enhancing and creating a new experience; making virtual spaces open for everyone to express, develop, and communicate ideas. It's enlightening, inspiring, and stimulating. Already joined partners make us believe we are on the right track.

Where I can get help?

Our team talks about a lot of topics inside our Discord Community. Our goal is to provide an open platform for the discussion of important issues and the development of promising ideas. We invite you to join, post questions and communicate with other like-minded people; this is an opportunity for us to learn from each other.